Top 6 things that annoy taxi drivers

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I’ve decided to list six things that bother me as a taxi driver in Aberystwyth so you know what not to do when you book a taxi. Please leave a comment about what bugs you as a driver or as customer.

6. Eating in the taxi

When a customer gets in your car, you want them to respect your property because its where you spend most of your time, day to day. So when somebody has no respect for your car, it sucks. There's nothing worse than someone dropping a carton of fries all over your freshly cleaned carpet and getting grease all over the door handle because they couldn't wait 5 minutes to get home and it’s not nice for the customers after you either!

5. Highly intoxicated individuals

Okay, I get it you have been out since 11am yesterday morning, putting the pints back for 15 hours BUT that doesn't mean you have to be an idiot about it on purpose, get in the taxi and TRY to be pleasant to your driver and try not to distract us while we are driving. Getting in the back and falling asleep is perfectly acceptable as long as your not rude or kick off when we wake you up.

4. Expecting your driver to do the impossible

You've booked your taxi from one place to another, yet you haven't told the driver that you want to go to 3 other places before your final drop off. When you book a taxi we assume you tell us what you want to do, we’re not mind readers so just tell us what you require so we don‘t book someone straight after only to lead to not being able to get them in time. How would you feel if you were the customer right after that who ended up waiting around for 10+ minutes? We don’t mind long journeys or taking you to multiple places as long as you make a booking in advance by contacting us or via an online booking.

3. Asking us the same questions

You probably guessed this would be here and surprise you got it right!

We know you‘re just being polite or trying to fill the silence but after a long shift of being asked the same questions by every customer it gets repetitive and honestly, annoying! So skip ‘how’s your day been?’, ‘been busy?’, ‘what time you on till?’ or ‘how long you been a taxi driver?’ Try asking a new question or even just asking for the music to be turned up if your feeling awkward. We don’t mind the silence, promise!

2. Expecting your taxi to be super cheap

We get it, you've just spent £90+ on drinks and whatever else for the night, £15 on food and £20 getting into clubs for the night and then the time comes to go home for a whopping £40 because you live miles and miles and miles away. Put this away before hand or if you pre-book your taxi both ways pay both up front.

Taxi's aren't cheap for two reasons. One, it's 4am in the morning so the working hours are super unsocial, you wouldn’t expect the same pay as a daytime shift or a graveyard shift in your job, would you? The second is the cost of running a taxi is more than people realise. After you tally up the finances, insurances, fuel, licences, maintenance, repairs to the vehicles and a wage on top you can start to understand why we need to charge so much just to make a living. So next time you pay a fiver to go a mile up the road pay it without haggling or complaining and try to remember this post.

1. Customers who don't turn up to bookings!

This one is the worst, when somebody books a taxi and doesn't turn up it costs time and money.

We understand plans change and you might need to cancel. All we ask is that you call. There are times, especially when it’s busy that other customers get turned away because someone decided to not show up instead of cancel and we have to sit and wait. Think how you feel if someone makes plans and just doesn’t show? Annoyed, angry, a little mugged off?

Not bothering to show up repeatedly can cost thousands in the long run so our policy means customers who do not turn up to bookings have their numbers blocked on our systems and are banned from booking in the future.

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