I'm ditching the Volvo idea

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

so a couple of months ago i wrote a blog about what car i'm going to buy next as a taxi, for over a year i had decided on the Volvo s90 inscription D4 for a few reasons

1. it's cheaper than the German equivalent

2. it has the best looking exterior for its class

3. its different

Now iv'e decided to scrap the idea all together in favour of the Mercedes E220D AMG Line.

The main reason i have decided to not buy the Volvo is down to 1 thing... Fuel economy

over the last few months i have been contacting owners of the Volvo s90 D4 and came to the conclusion that it's a very uneconomical car to drive unless you live on completely flat land, which we do not that for sure being in Aberystwyth where most of the land is hills and more hills.

This got me thinking, Mercedes E class.

In Germany they are mainly used as taxis and executive transport simply because they do the job well. That got me to asking a lot of taxi driver that use them here in mid /West Wales, they all said they wouldn't drive anything else and to top things off they average 45+MPG in our hilly country.

i have always loved the interior of the E class, from its widescreen infotainment system, to its comfort.

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