How to spot a genuine taxi

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I am writing this post as I want to highlight the importance of inspecting a taxi before you get into it and confirm it is the real deal and not a fake taxi.

Around Aberystwyth and Ceredigion you can spot a public hire vehicle from a mile away if you look for the right information.

1. Taxi roof light

All taxis in Ceredigion must be fitted with a light-up roof light that says "taxi" on the front of the box and must also have a red Banner on the reverse side ( Often this is placed inside the light box).

2. A white vehicle

You will find that if you visit Aberystwyth, all the taxis are white. This is because the Ceredigion Council insists that taxis are easily identified.

3. Half-moon stickers and license plate

When you examine almost any taxi in the U.K you will notice that they display a Council license plate and more often than not another sticker showing which council they are part of.

For taxis in Ceredigion / Aberystwyth, they will display a blue half-moon shaped sticker on both sides of the cab and also a white license plate on the rear of the cab that displays the number of people that taxi can carry as passengers and also the cars registration number.

4. Tariff card, price meter and Taxi plate number

Upon entering your taxi, you should be able to find a tariff card that displays the correct prices and charges (most drivers place these on the windshield or on the dashboard)

The taxi meter is undoubtedly the most obvious way to identify a real taxi, they are set up using a licensed software engineer and are extremely hard to tamper with and install yourself. The taxi meter should be in full view of the passengers and driver.

Lastly the interior license plate, this should be in full view of anyone sitting in the car and are often placed next to the tariff card.

5. The Driver and his Taxi operator license

The Taxi operator license is a small card that displays the driver's photo image, his badge number and what county they are licensed to work in.

these can be found either around the driver's neck hanging by a lanyard or in full view of the passengers.

Thank you for reading this security post and if you have any more questions about identifying a real taxi, please contact Ceredigion County Council

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