Payment Methods

Out of cash for your taxi? No problem we got you covered, We accept many modern payment methods


Cash is king, as they say, that's why we still accept cash payments in all our vehicles

if you require cash then please ask your driver to take you to one of the many holes in the walls in Aberystwyth. 

Pound sterling


Credit Card

We accept all major debit and credit cards excluding American express.

-Chip & pin

- Swipe (signature required)

- Contactless

To find out more, contact your card provider 

Debit & credit cards

Card & contactless


Welcome to the 21st century of technology, pay via Apple pay on all supported devices.

Find out more |

Iphone & Iwatch

Apple pay


Welcome to the 21st century of technology, pay via google pay on all supported devices.

Find out more |

All supported devices

Google pay


Everyone has a PayPal account these days, that's why we accept it in our taxis.

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Everyone has it


Office Work

If you're a business based in Aberystwyth, you can apply for an account with Luxx.

We offer an unlimited account for all registered businesses in the U.K

To find out more please email us at |

perfect for businesses


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